Rawlings descends heavily on NPP

Former President Jerry Rawlings has accused the NPP government of masterminding the enstoolment of Francis Nyonyo Agboada as Awoamefia of Anlo, a situation he says is illegal. The former president also accused the Kufuor-led administration of consistently corrupting the chieftaincy institution.
Speaking at fundraising rally of the National Democratic Congress in Akatsi in the Volta Region, Mr Rawlings said the government, in a desperate attempt to hold on to power, had dabbled in the Anlo chieftaincy crisis by supporting Torgbui Sri. He cited the Dagbon chieftaincy conflict as well as the Ga chieftaincy clashes as examples of the government’s complicity in protracted chieftaincy conflicts in the country. (Play the attached audio to listen to former President Rawlings).
The occasion was also used to launch an ID card for NDC party members. The former President said the government was preparing to rig the polls using the ROPAL and urged supporters to be resolute and stand against it.The New Patriotic Party had planned a similar rally in the same district on Sunday. More later.


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