Kumasi Prophet ‘predicted’ accidents involving Ayariga, Avoka

The accidents involving the two high profile members of government over the weekend have been given spiritual interpretations.

Majority Leader Cletus Avoka and Deputy Education Minister Mahama Ayariga were both involved in separate accidents within a space of 24 hours.

Before the accidents, a Kumasi-based prophet, popularly known as Freeman, is said to have warned President Mills against passing through Bawku during his tour of the three northern regions.

Upper East Regional correspondent, Joseph Osei said he and other journalists were in a press van as part of the president’s convoy when word came round that a Kumasi-based Prophet had issued a warning that if the president passed through Bawku, he would be killed physically or spiritually.

According to Joseph Osei, the Prophet added that if the president escaped harm, some members of his government will be harmed.

The prophet, who claimed he had been praying for the president for the past two years, insisted that to avert any calamity, the entourage had to organize a prayer session before the president could pass through Bawku but the protocol officers ignored the advice.

The correspondent said, upon receiving the information, the journalists detailed one reporter to prompt the Upper East Regional Minister Mr Mark Wayongo to inform the president of the prophecy but the regional minister rubbished the warning, saying it was a false prophecy.

At this time, the president’s entourage was at Garu. From there the president passed through Bawku enroute to Bolga.

A few kilometres after Zebilla - located between Bawku and Bolga - which is also the constituency of Majority Leader Cletus Avoka, the vehicle of the MP was spotted turned upside-down.

Mr Avoka, who was on his way to his constituency from Bolga had his vehicle tyre burst and the car somersaulted several times.

Then Sunday morning, the accident involving Deputy Education Minister Mahama Ayariga was also reported appearing to lend credence to the prophecy.

Joseph Osei said some members of the entourage believed the prophecy.

Meanwhile the two government officials are responding to treatment.

Source: Joy News/Ghana