Parliament passes Anti-Money Laundering Bill

Parliament on Friday passed the Anti-Money Laundering Bill.The object of the Bill is to prohibit money laundering, establish a Financial Intelligence Centre and provide for related matters. The House after much debate rejected a proposed amendment that stood in the name of Mr Joseph Boahen Aidoo, (NPP-Amenfi East) and Mr Freddie Blay, First Deputy Speaker that sought to summarily convict a person for giving false information against a person in relation to a money laundering transaction.Members indicated that such a clause would stifle the flow of information on the illegal activity.The clause had stated that:" A person who maliciously provides false information against any other person in relation to a money laundering transaction commits an offence and is liable on a summary conviction to a fine of not more that five hundred penalty units or a term of not more than three years or both. 02 Nov 07

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