Obama praises, scolds Africa On Ghana Trip

On his first visit to Africa since becoming President, Obama chose Ghana. This has left many asking why. However, Ghana is seen by many as an example of what African governance should be.

Speaking to Parliament in Accra, President Obama called for 'good governance' in Africa and hailed Ghana thriving democracy. Ghana has created it positive outlook with peaceful transfer of power. It has become a 'model of democracy' in Africa. Obama's visit will be a great boost to what Ghanians have already created: meaningful democracy.
Obama argued that Africa is part of the world and Africa's affairs are relevant to what happens in the world.

"We wanted to make sure to come to an African country after the G8 and after my business in Moscow to emphasise that Africa is not separate from world affairs." Obama said
He acknowleged the colonial contributions to Africa's problem, however, Obama said that the West is not responsible for all that happens in African. He added that the future of Africa is in the hands of Africans.

"...the West is not responsible for the destruction of the Zimbabwean economy over the last decade, or wars in which children are enlisted as combatants."
Obama's visit will be a positive challenge to African leaders who have decided to entrench themselves in leadership, stalling their country's developmen programs. This entrenchment leads to public discontent and wars.

These wars are what Obama called 'millstone around Africa's neck.'
Seeing the program some African nations have made, Obama said that 'despite the progress that has been made - and there has been considerable progress in parts of Africa - we also know that much of that promise has yet to be fulfilled.'

Obama also acknowledge what the world media always ignores: the brighter side of Africa.
"Here in Ghana, you show us a face of Africa that is too often overlooked by a world that sees only tragedy or the need for charity."

Ghanians and African will use Obama's visit as a source of inspiration.

Obama addresses Ghana's Parliament

US President Barack Obama will address Members of Parliament at the Conference Centre, Saturday afternoon.He is to unveil his special policy statement on Africa.

The conference centre as expected is illuminated with shades of all political and social opinions.Ex- Presidents Kufuor and Rawlings are seated in anticipation of the policy statement.Detail of what happens are as follows;12:15 Presidents Obama and Mills walk into the conference room amidst applause from dignitaries.12:17 National Anthems of the two countries are played 12:23 Speaker of Parliament, Joyce Bamford Addo welcomes President Obama and all other dignitaries.12:30 President Mills mounts the dais and formally welcomes the US President and family to Ghana.He thanks the US President for choosing Ghana as his first destination in Sub-Saharan Africa.

He spells out Ghana's dream of building a resilient economy and pledges the new oil find in Ghana will be used judiciously in building the economy.He charges the US President and the International Community to make good their pledges to third world countries.He is sure Africa will employ its imaginative means to solve the teething challenges that confront the continent.Mr. President Akwaba, Akwaba, Akwaba he says.12:39 Speaker thanks President Mills and invites President Obama onto the dais.12:40 Obama takes to the dais in an infectious smile and greets the dignitaries and begins his speech

.The vision of the world would be shaped not only by the things that happen in Rome, but what happens in Accra as well, he says.He calls for mutual respect from all countries in the world.He admits there has been considerable progress made but much more still remains to be done.He lauds Ghana for a peaceful transition even in a closely fought elections, adding minority deserves as much praise as the majority.It is a new moment of great promise but will not be fought by old giants like Nkrumah, Kenyatta, but by new breed of African leaders.

He calls for good governance by Africa.He spells out four main tenets which African leaders must aspire to;(i) Democracy(ii)Opportunity(iii) Health(iv) PeaceDemocracy Africa doesn't need strong men; It needs strong institutions.Opportunity With better governance by African leaders, there is strong opportunity for partnership with the US.We will put more resources into the hands of those who need it, Obama promises, adding the $3.5 billion food initiative is in line to ensuring more partnership between developed and developing countries.

Public Health Too many people die of diseases which should'nt kill them.Obama promises to continue ex-President Bush's $63 billion to pursue the goal of ending deaths from polio, AIDS and other minor diseases in Africa.Conflicts Conflicts has become too akin to Africa.Diversity should not be the source of conflict but rather to uniteStrife for peace which is necessary for development.Welcomed steps by AU, ECOWAS to bring the peace needed in AfricaCharges Ghana to lead the fight for continental peace.To the youth of Ghana, Obama says the world is what you make of it.

He charges them to hold their leaders accountable for their actions.1:14 Obama ends his address and takes his seat amidst a thunderous applause from dignitaries.1:15 Speaker thanks Barack Obama for his policy statement.1:17 Anthems for the two nations are played as Obama exchanges pleasantries with the MPs and dignitaries present.1:20 Obama departs the hall of the International Conference Centre.


Notice to Prospective Gold & Diamond Buyers

Ghana is endowed with mineral deposits such as gold, diamond, manganese and bauxite. There are also unexploited economic deposits of iron ore, limestone, kaolin, feldspar and silica sands. We welcome all prospective investors including persons who wish to deal in gold or other precious minerals in Ghana and are indeed prepared to offer the necessary assistance.

In Ghana, one can only deal in gold or other precious minerals upon the grant of a valid license by the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources. Anyone offering such minerals for sale should therefore hold such a license.

For the avoidance of doubt, all prospective buyers of gold or other precious minerals and their foreign business collaborators are hereby advised to, in the first instance, contact the Minerals Commission in exploring or confirming business opportunities relating to the purchase and export of gold or other precious minerals from Ghana.

To verify the authenticity of any company or individual proposing to sell gold or other precious minerals from Ghana to you or your company, you may contact:

The Chief Executive Officer,

Minerals Commission,

P.O. Box M248, Accra, Ghana.

Tel: (233-21) 772783,779823,773053,771318.

Fax: (233-21) 773324.

E-mail address: mincom@mc.ghanamining.org

URL: www.ghana-mining.org


Minerals Commission,

Minority walkout of parliament over $ 5,000 allegation

Minority MPs on Monday staged a walk out in Parliament following a repeated accusation that they (Minority) received a $5,000 bribe to approve last years’ purchase agreement with Vodafone.

The minority in a heated debate over a loan agreement had questioned government’s commitment to apply the funds for the purposes for which the loan was contracted.

They cited the over ¢100,000 spent on snacks during the transition period, fearing the loan when approved would be misused.

According to Joy FM’s Parliamentary Correspondent, Sammy Darko, this did not go down well with the Majority in Parliament.

MP for Sene, Twumasi Appiah, in a rebuttal accused the Minority MPs for taking $5,000 as compensation before voting for the sale of 70 per cent shares of Ghana Telecom to Vodafone.

The Minority were outraged by the repeated accusation, more so when it had not been proven by the accuser, P.C. Appiah Ofori, himself a Minority MP for Assikuma-Odoben-Brakwa.

According to Sammy Darko, the minority demanded for a retraction and an apology, something Twumasi Appiah was not ready to render.

The Minority subsequently staged a walkout after the Sene MP failed to apologise.

The speaker has thus referred the accusation to the Privileges Committee for investigations to be conducted on the allegation.

Meanwhile, the House has deferred the approval of the loan agre
ement because it could not raise the numbers for a vote.