Talk about stabilised cedi is false - GNP

It is the dollar which is falling in value with respect to the pound sterling and the Euro that is giving the semblance of stability to the cedi, Mr Kobina Amo-Aidoo, Interim National Chairman of Ghana National Party (GNP),said on Friday. He said the cedi could not be a stabilised currency as long as "we continue to ignore local manufacturing of goods".He said: "We have to change the language 'I sell this; I sell that to I make this I make that", adding that at present Ghanaians imported almost everything including matches and chewing sticks.Mr Amo-Aidoo, therefore, called on Ghanaians to totally reject the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the 2008 elections.Speaking to the GNA in Accra to correct an earlier misreport carried by the Agency, the Interim National Chairman said Ghanaians should by now realize the level of deceit and fake political agenda exhibited by both the NDC and NPP Governments and to take steps to halt the falsehoods being propagated by the two parties."I call on all Ghanaians to totally reject the NPP and their false propaganda designed to attract public attention and remain empty on the ground", he said.Mr Amo-Aidoo cited the implementation of he National Health Insurance Scheme and the Capitation Grant and said majority of Ghanaians were not benefiting from the programmes as were being taunted by the government's propaganda machinery.It said it took almost a year before one could obtain NHIS card while Ghanaian children in private schools were also not enjoying the so-called capitation grant and the school-feeding programme. He said the GNP could not look on unconcerned while the Government propagated falsehoods to the detriment of the people."The kids of Ghana, the children and the youth are the only delicate legacy for this nation and we cannot remain unconcerned as their lives are in very serious danger", he said.The GNP said there was the need for a transparent and decent political administration to provide basic social services to the people and that it was time for the nation to seriously rejuvenate its potentials and develop its resources to enhance the well being of the people. He said the GNP had developed a human centred social policy that would ensure the welfare of the citizenry and appealed to Ghanaians to totally reject both the NPP and NDC and vote for the GNP to ensure total liberation and freedom for the people.

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