Ghana will introduce Digital broadcasting Next Year

Mr Berifi Apenteng, a media consultant on Wednesday said digital broadcasting would be introduced in the country within the next two years.He was speaking at a consultative forum on public service broadcasting organised by the Ghana Journalists Association (GNA), Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) and the KAB Governance Consult at Lagos Town near Takoradi.The forum was under the theme "Public Service Broadcasting in Ghana, The Way Forward".Mr Apenteng, who is also a honorary member of the GJA, said television and radio sets in use would have to be replaced because they cannot pick up transmission of the digital technology. He said digital broadcasting would make efficient use of the frequency spectrum and make broadcasting cheaper, apart from an increase in the number of broadcasters, there would be more specialised channels. Mr Apenteng said public service broadcasting is crucial for Ghana's development and national unity and the GBC is well placed to transform into a true public service broadcaster. He said the corporation and the National Media Commission should take the lead in this direction and engage the public in discussions on its role and relevance.Mr Appenteng proposed that the GBC be allowed to derive funds from a variety of sources to make it financially independent and free from government pressures.Mr Bright Blewu, General Secretary of the GJA, said the country needs public service broadcasting to nurture its democracy. He said the public should own the public service broadcasting and support it to perform its expected roles.Mr Kwasi Afriyie Badu, Chief Executive Officer of KAB Governance Consult, said as broadcasting is an important tool in the development of nations, a public service broadcasting station should be truly independent of government's economic influence and commercial pressures. Ms Dela Folie, a representative of FES, said the FES would involve itself in activities that would empower the media to strengthen the country's democratic process. 10 Oct. 07

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