Stop It- NDC Youth.....Friendly Fire is very Dangerous

By:- Isaac TETTEH.
Response to a discussion on facebook between Dep. Information Minister James Agyenim-Boateng and One Kwame Akuffo, who identified himself as a Software Consultant in the UK. 29th March,2010.
I find the interaction here very enthralling. I am happy some of our leaders are IT upstanding and very abreast with social media dynamics. This is my take on the current happenings in Ghana.

I cringe at the growing impatience of some of our Youth in Ghana. Their energies are being spent on fruitless issues rather than the desired. The NDC for that matter has been getting a bad name lately from “its own people” and I wonder why. Have they so soon forgotten the sweat and toil they went through to get the “POWER” they have now? Why is the Party/ Government especially, being put under needless pressure by misguided comments and actions that serves none.

This attitude must stop before it gets out of hand. I am confident that the NDC as a party will do the right thing and soon. Unscrupulous persons can upstage this phenomenon and create chaos on a massive scale all in the name of the NDC. The law must take its course on all persons who openly threaten to KILL others because they disagree with them or the kind of services they render.

I would prefer a youth that sees life outside of politics! We have over the years made everyone think that you need to hold a political office to also be countered as “a person”. But that idea is very erroneous. The space available in such offices are very limited.

However, there are lots of openings in other sectors of the national economy.
Lets face it- how many of the agitating youth can write a comprehensive project proposal for consideration in an upcoming bid for a contract?

Again, how many have considered taking advantage of the “GREEN BOOM” sweeping the world? How many are thinking of setting up allied businesses now that we are about to start producing oil?

What are the roles of our chiefs in creating tourists markets in their areas of jurisdiction?

My friends, the future is what we make it, and yes, we can make it without this much noise.

On the contrary, why don't we spend our time publicizing what the Government is doing right?
1.An agreement was signed recently to pay off a substantial part of the TOR debt. This is worth talking about.

2.The Freedom of information bill is about becoming operational.

3.Ghana will soon beat the deadline for the digital migration.

4.There are many road projects ongoing.

5.Free School Uniforms/Books have been provided to school pupils

6.SHC has been reduced to 3 years

7.Number of ministers and government appointees have been reduced as promised

8.There is a renewed effort on revamping Ghana's Agricultural Sector.

9.Inflation has come down.

10.The currency has been stabilized.

11.There are better laws being enacted to further protect our Black Gold.

12.Corruptions is being treated as an enemy and we have a leader who leads by example.

13.Profligate spending has been cupped and wastage reduced as much as possible.

14.Biometric passports launched and Ghana beat the deadline set by ICAO.

15.Political witch-hunting has reduced and alleged cases of wrongdoing in the previous administration are being properly investigated.

This list is endless.

I hope these give a clue to those who are still interested in protecting their votes (during the life of the government). The NDC youth seem to be “cutting their noses to spite their faces”. That is unacceptable.
Lets wake up and build our country. The future is actually now. Violence takes us back, Dialogue takes us forward. God Bless Ghana.

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