...........And the winner is........Ghana

Most Ghanaians could be compared to the Dutch, or the Canadian, very unassuming and often laid back. May hardly say anything even in the face of the most difficult of situations. This makes them look timid and one may even underestimate their capacity to think for themselves; but wait a minute, never take their silence to be their weakness, they are the most intelligently hardworking and the most peace loving and indeed the most advanced group of people I have ever met.

Give a Ghanaian a task to perform and watch him/her go. I hardly sing praises of people since we all have the capacity to disappoint, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the tenacity and superb capacity of most of Ghanaians.

I take this chance to congratulate the entire populace in Ghana for a generally orderly polls. I have listened from afar and by the power of technology watched some of the polls on Ghanaian TV stations. I admire the leading role the country has taken in the search for order on the African Continent (in terms of leadership and in many other spheres).

The fact that Ghanaians are naturally peace loving people, coupled with their unbridled "fellow-feeling" cannot be overemphasized. I doff my heart for the gallant men and women,youth and the elderly who did what is right for Ghana in this elections. History will reward your wisdom.

I do not believe that if one system of governance works of a people, it must necessarily work for all persons. My belief is that whatever the system, the people must be the ultimate beneficiaries. I hope the rest of Africa takes a step back and look into how Ghana does it.

Welcome to H-A-R-D W-O-R-K
Now that the dust is about to settle and the real journey kicks in, I urge all to gird their loins for a tough ride. No-one said it was going to be easy! I guess the country was too busy in the run-up to the elections that most may have forgotten about the recession the world is undergoing.

I urge the next president ( who-ever he may be) to hit the ground running. Mr. Kuffour is in an to exit mode currently and the new leader must start naming his cabinet now. A vetting committee must be taking shape as of now and key positions must start seeing possible nominations.

The world has change overnight and Ghana cannot afford to sleep even for half a second. We are already two centuries behind! My reading is that of the many things Ghana need, clinging on to ideologies and systems that political books have churned out for us will certainly kill us. Ghana does not need a small or a big Government, Ghana needs an effective government! A government that creates new jobs and expands the nations capacity to feed herself.

The next president has a huge task ahead and will not have the unprecedented goodwill Mr. Kuffour had in the 2000 elections. Our next leader must show willingness and real meaning to an all inclusive government. Ghana can survive on propaganda but for a few moments; Reality will soon set in .

The discovery of oil in Ghana may be good news but leadership must show accountability to the people. Vital and qualitative infrastructural development of "oil towns" must be a priority for the next regime.

Ghana's educational/health systems have seen enough "romance". Its time for a blue print that tackles the needs of our continents people. Our Agricultural, Energy, Technology and many more must see an innovative restructuring.

Our potential is limitless. Our future is big, our victory is assured all we have to do is rely not on men, but on God. God Bless us all.


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