Hawa Yakubu----My Memories.

Ghana has lost yet another political giant. Love her or hate her. There is something you cannot do to her. You can’t ignore her. She was vibrant, loud, unstoppable and sometimes annoying. But you can’t, but give thumbs up to this illustrious daughter of Ghana. She entered the political game with all her guards held up and ready for combat. She served as a role model for many and the Npp’s victory in elections 2000 cannot go without the mention of Hawa’s input.

My personal encounter with Hawa Yajubu is one I will always cherish. Yes she was a politician, philanthropist, advocate and all, but above that, she was a mother. I remember, with fondness, the day I hosted her on Radio Gold’s flagship programme, “Platform Africa”. I have always thought of her as abrasive, high sounding and arrogant.

Even my telephone interviews with her on other occasions confirmed this view I have of her. But I was to be pleasantly surprised on the programme. She was a Mother; caring, tender and compassionate. Believe this; she offered me a bottled soft drink off-air.

As I write this piece, I doff my hat to a woman who became hope for many when, strong women Idols were lost on the national scene. I salute her work and mourn with the family, the NPP and indeed all Ghanaians. The challenge however will be ‘who to fill the void Hawa is leaving”.
May her soul rest in perfect peace. God Bless Ghana!


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